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Demolition Permit Application – Managing PCBs
This new screening process is a Bay Area regionwide requirement and will help protect the San Francisco Bay from PCBs pollutants that may be present in demolition materials. All Bay Area cities are subject to this new requirement as part of the San Francisco Bay Region Municipal Regional Stormwater NPDES Permit.

Beginning July 1, 2019, all applicants for a demolition permit or any other permit that involves the demolition of a building must submit the following form with their building permit application in San José:
  • Screening Assessment Form – This screening process is a requirement of the San Francisco Bay Region Municipal Regional Stormwater Permit to improve water quality.

BASMAA Protocol – Required Bay Area Stormwater Management Agencies Association (BASMAA) protocol for representative sampling and analysis of priority building materials. Applies to applicants that complete Part 3 of the Screening Assessment Form.
  • Only applications affecting applicable structures and demolitions must complete Part 3 and provide required supporting documents:
  • Part 3 Supplemental Forms – Required supporting documents for applicants who complete Part 3 of the Screening Assessment Form.

Additional Resources for Compliance

Notice to Applicants
PCBs have been detected at elevated levels in certain sport fish in San Francisco Bay. To make the fish safer to eat and protect human health, PCB sources to the Bay need to be identified and controlled. Urban stormwater runoff is considered a significant pathway for PCBs to enter the Bay. The Regional Water Quality Control Board has therefore required that Bay Area municipalities address potential sources in urban runoff, including certain building materials that may contain PCBs and enter storm drains during building demolition.

This process does not address other environmental programs or regulations (e.g., PCB regulations under the Toxic Substances Control Act; federal, state or local regulations for hazardous material handling and hazardous waste disposal; health and safety practices to mitigate human exposure to PCBs or other hazardous materials; recycling mandates; or abatement at sites with PCBs or other contaminants). The applicant is responsible for knowing and complying with all relevant laws and regulations.

PCBs were manufactured in the United States from 1929 until 1977. Because of their non-flammability, chemical stability, high boiling point, and electrical insulating properties, PCBs were used in hundreds of industrial and commercial applications. The Toxic Substances Control Act banned most manufacturing and use of PCBs after 1979 due to concerns about their potential harmful health effects and their persistence in the environment.

 Agency Contacts
Applicants should contact the appropriate agencies and review the relevant guidance and information about PCBs in building materials. Municipal staff are not able to advise you on the requirements of the applicable federal and state laws.
 Agency Contacts & Useful Links 
US Environmental Protection Agency EPA PCB website (

PCBs in Building Materials Fact Sheet and Q/A Document

USEPA PCB Facility Approval Streamlining Toolbox (PCB FAST)

See Information for Contractors Working in Older Buildings that May Contain PCBs

San Francisco Bay Area Regional Water Quality Control Board Water Boards San Francisco Bay PCBs TMDL Project

Water Boards Site Cleanup Program

Department of Toxic Substances Control Regulatory Assistance Office

California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (known as Cal/OSHA) CalOSHA Consultations Services

Consultant and Contractor Assistance
Below is a list of Bay Area associations of consultants and contractors who may be able to assist with screening for PCBs:

Disclaimer: The City of San José provides this list as a courtesy, for informational purposes and for the applicant to conduct its own research. This is not a complete list of associations, contractors or consultants and may not represent current availability of their products and services. It is the applicant’s responsibility to verify the qualifications of any contractor(s) and/or consultant(s). The City is not responsible for any expenses that may be associated with using this resource, nor does the City endorse any contractor or consultant.

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