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Lee Wilcox, 
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Mayor Liccardo's 2016 March Budget Message: Save, Invest & Innovate

Mayor Sam Liccardo released his June Budget Message Friday, June 3, which continued the Mayor's message on fiscal prudence and discipline.

The June Budget Message recommends adoption of the City Manager’s Proposed Budget which, following direction from the unanimously-approved March Budget Message, focuses the limited new dollars available this year on bolstering reserves and smart, targeted, one-time investments that will help improve basic city services. These actions include:

  • Saving: Increasing the city’s budget reserves to help cover a projected deficit in FY 17-18 and to protect against unexpected fluctuations in city finances.
  • Investing in Police: Allocating additional funding to support a robust police officer recruitment effort and for additional police officer overtime to help backfill for vacant positions.
  • Investing in Emergency Fire & Medical Response: Realigning resources to restore Fire Engine Companies 30 and 40, and investing in technological improvements like a new IP-based alert system that has been shown to reduce response times by an average of 30 seconds per call in other similarly-sized fire departments.
  • Investing in Youth: Expanding the “San Jose Works” program to provide 1,000 kids in gang-impacted neighborhoods with jobs that will help them “build a resume rather than a rap sheet.”

The Mayor’s June Budget Message also includes a number of additional recommendations and adjustments to the proposed budget, such as:

  •          Adding an additional $1.3 million to the Budget Stabilization Reserve, which will bring the City’s collective “safety net” funds up to 5.8% of the city budget.
  •          Allocating an additional $1 million in one-time funds to improve traffic safety via neighborhood traffic calming programs, additional crossing guards and other related efforts.
  •           Enhancing the City’s emergency preparedness by reinstating the Community Emergency Response Team training program, investing in our mass warning/alert system and other related infrastructure improvements.

View all of the spending proposals included in Mayor Liccardo’s June Budget Message.

In March of this year, Mayor Sam Liccardo released his 
March Budget Message, which focused on fiscal prudence and emphasized saving, making targeted investments and innovating.

Mayor Liccardo's FY 2016-17 Budget Documents

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