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Fire Department - Recruitment

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1. When will the San Jose Fire Department begin accepting applications for Firefighter Recruit?
2. Will SJFD be accepting laterals?
3. What information will be asked during the online application?
4. Should I apply for another currently open position to understand what to expect?
5. How much of your “score” is based on qualifications, written scores and oral scores?
6. Does SJFD award extra hire points for persons who live in Santa Clara County?
7. How does military experience play into the hiring process?
8. I can not afford the testing fees. Is there some way I can get my test paid for?
9. What are the main qualities you (SJFD) are looking for in a candidate? Personality or Skills or both?
10. What type of experience will you be looking for in your candidates in order to be highly qualified candidates?
11. Will letters of recommendation be considered during the hiring process? And if so, when should we submit these?
12. Is there a guide or preparation sheet for the PHQ?
13. What questions (PHQ) need to be date/time specific? (i.e. employment)
14. On the background investigation, what kind of crime would disqualify me?
15. What is the process for EMT’s who are certified in another county in order to work for SJFD?
16. Do we get paid during the academy?
17. Do we have to relocate?
18. How much time in advance do we need to schedule a ride-along?
19. How many ride-alongs can we do?