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1. Does the Purchasing Department handle all City procurement, or is procurement decentralized?
2. How can I contact City departments, and find out what goods and services are needed?
3. Does the City have an Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy (EPP)?
4. Does the City require vendors to pay Prevailing Wages, and Living Wages?
5. How do I arrange for a sales/marketing meeting with the City of San José to pitch my service and/or product?
6. Does the City Purchase recycled products?
7. When does the City require insurance coverage?
8. What insurance coverage will be required if I am awarded a bid or contract?
9. Where can I find information about the laws and policies that relate to Procurement with the City?
10. How does the City make payments? Who do I call about a late invoice payment? Does the City pay late charges?
11. When are change orders allowed?
12. How do I get paid?
13. Does the City have Recycling programs or policies?