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Posted on: September 12, 2017

CIP Monthly Status Report – July 2017

In July, the Emergency Diesel Generators Project achieved beneficial use, project alternatives for the Filter Rehabilitation Project were confirmed, the Advanced Facility Control and Meter Replacement Project achieved preliminary design, and the Flow Management Study was accepted.

The 17 active CIP projects continued to progress through the feasibility/development, design, and bid/award stages. Alternatives analysis work continued for the Aeration Tanks Rehabilitation, Digested Sludge Dewatering Facility, and Facility-wide Water Systems Improvements projects. Design work commenced on the Nitrification Clarifiers Rehabilitation Project and continued on the Advanced Facility Control and Meter Replacement, Blower Improvements, and Cogeneration Facility projects. Each of these three projects is approaching the 60 percent design completion stage and will complete design and start construction in 2018. Technical panels began evaluating Statements of Qualification for the Yard Piping and Road Improvements Project and the Headworks Improvements and New Headworks projects.

Testing, commissioning, and resolution continued on the Digester Gas Compressor Upgrade and the Emergency Diesel Generators projects. Mobilization and preparation of equipment submittals commenced this month on the Headworks Critical Improvements Project. Major construction activities continued on the Digester and Thickener Facilities Upgrade, Plant Instrument Air System Upgrade, Construction-Enabling Improvements, and Iron Salt Feed Station projects. On the Digester and Thickener Facilities Upgrade Project, staff continued to address the unforeseen conditions encountered during construction.

CIP Monthly Status Report – July 2017
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